Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 Easter Happiness...Madison's version

Madison's Easter happiness began with coloring eggs, with her mama, at MiMi's house!

Playing with the dyed Easter eggs was fun, too! Madison liked making the eggs "talk" to each other!

Easter happiness was leaving an empty basket out...and finding out (the next morning) that the Easter Bunny filled it sometime during the night!

Easter happiness was also receiving a gift bucket from cousin, Caden!

Easter happiness was hunting for Easter eggs with E-pa, and finding the camouflaged egg...

but the best kind of Easter happiness came after the egg hunt...opening the eggs and find out what was inside!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Easter Caden

Easter happiness is gathering together with family, to color eggs at MiMi's house--and getting to stand up in the kitchen chair while doing it!

and it's dropping that first boiled egg into a cup of egg dye...ker plunk!

Happiness is also making a little mess with the egg dye...before deciding that I'd really rather go outside to play!

Easter happiness is...eating one of Brandy's Easter cookies with a popscicle stick!

Easter happiness is...emptying the entire bag of goodies, from MiMi and E, to see what all is in there!

and best of all, Easter happiness is finding those hidden Easter the strangest places!