Friday, June 5, 2009

Family traits

Feisty Madison points her finger and says "Stop!"
(that could be her MiMi's mean look that she's giving)

Caden enjoying his jumperoo, just like dad

It always amazes me how a child is born with the genes and traits of certain members of their family. I could always spot inherent things in my own children and now it's apparent in the grandchildren.

Madison has a very strong will and what we like to call a hard head! We attribute this part of her personality to her great-grandparents, in particular. I suppose I should rephrase that and say--some of her great-grandparents. Of course, she is going through the terrible twos, so maybe she will grow out of it!

Madison is constantly talking, just like her daddy. She's also very slow moving and a little clumsy, just like her daddy. From her mama she gets her shyness and fear of new and strange things. Some of Madison's temper comes from Brandy, but Brandy is slow to anger. Of course when she errupts--look out! Madison loves to sing and my son, Brett, loved to sing as a child. Madison loves to "diddle" with things(touch, feel, examine, etc) and my other son, Brad was always a "diddler"--and still is! Madison also loves books, as does her mother and myself.

Cade is still a little young to portray many personality traits, but I've spotted a couple of things from his daddy already. When my son and Cade's daddy, Brett, was little he loved the Johnny Jump Up! It was a little seat with four straps and springs, that hung down from the top of the doorway and bounced up and down when Brett pushed with his feet. Now they have a seat in a frame with springs that is called a Jumperoo. Cade just loves the jumperoo! The other thing that I've noticed is Caden's love of putting his fist, finger, hand in his mouth. He has a very strong sucking desire. All three of my children sucked their thumbs or fingers. Cade's mama gives him a pacifier to suck, but he still enjoys sucking on his hand when the pacifier isn't available.

I'm sure as time goes on, more family traits will become obvious in both children--let's just hope that most of them are the positive ones!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bonding with "Toot Toot"

If you have read any of my early posts, then you know what a time my daughter, Brandy, had during her pregnancy. We were all on "pins and needles" for almost the entire pregnancy. On the night that Madison was finally born, we all felt as if a huge burden was lifted off of our shoulders. What a relief to finally have her born safely and healthy!

The day of the birth was a very long one, especially for Brandy. When she woke up that morning she said that she just had a feeling that something wasn't right with the baby. After having a sonogram done later that morning, Brandy was even more convinced. The baby would barely move for the technician, even after Brandy had something sweet.

I had come home the night before to rest and try to get in a day of work. Brandy called me late that Monday morning and she was upset about the baby. I immediately hopped in my car and drove back to the hospital.

As the day went on, things didn't appear to be getting any better with the baby. By late that afternoon, we were getting somewhat frantic because we didn't seem to be getting anywhere with getting Madison delivered. A second sonogram showed that the baby was even more in distress. One particular nurse and I butted heads a bit, as I felt she wasn't letting the doctor know what was going on. Finally, the doctor showed up very late that afternoon and got the ball rolling...within two hours Madison was born.

Those forty-five minutes or so that I sat in the waiting room during the birth were some of the longest minutes I've ever spent. At first I was all alone because nobody expected the baby to be born that evening, but soon other family arrived. We didn't know what was happening and I was so afraid for the baby. When the nurse and Clint finally came out with Madison we were all so relieved...

Later that evening, everyone went home except me, and Brandy and her husband went to sleep. I was too wound up to sleep so I sat in a chair and held Madison all night long. It was on that night that we bonded. I never held my own children all night long, but I was just so relieved to get that precious baby here safe, that I hated to put her down! On that night I learned something that I never knew...newborn babies have gas--and Madison had more than her fair share. We still call her "Toot Toot" today, and she's still living up to her nickname!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Caden Makes Me Feel Special

For the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of keeping Caden for a couple of hours twice a week. I feel honored to get to do this, because his mother keeps him very close and doesn't like to leave him. I understand this totally because I was that kind of mother myself.

Caden is totally in love with his mother. You can see it in his eyes and the way his little hands rub her face and chest. When she's not in his sight and he hears her voice, he looks for her. She is his love and comfort.

Caden and I have a good time whenever he comes to visit. I think he's already figured out that I am someone special who will go the extra mile to make sure he's happy. He always gets a big smile on his face when he comes in the door and I speak to him.

Sometimes he will have just gone to sleep when he gets here and his mama will tell me that I might be able to get him to go back to sleep. Caden thinks "No way! I'm at MiMi's house and it's time to play!" He never goes back to sleep...

Something happened today that made me feel special. While I was keeping Cade, my daughter came over for a few minutes. Cade was in the swing, but was getting tired of it. My daughter asked to hold him for a few minutes. When I handed him to her, he looked at me with a look that said "I want you to hold me instead ." I felt so special at that moment...Of course he was fine with Brandy, but it was just that look on his face...Maybe he thinks I'm as special as I think he is!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Madison and Potty Training

When my daughter, Brandy, was small and I was trying to potty train her, it was the most frustrating thing time of my life. I tried several times to train her and used various bribes to encourage her to use the potty. I am ashamed to admit it, but I even spanked her a few times for not co-operating. Nothing I tried worked. I would get discouraged and stop trying---only to try again later. This went on for several months. Finally, she decided that she was ready to go along with my plan and was totally trained in two weeks! Looking back, I don't think I trained her at all, I think she just made up her mind and trained herself.

Now the tables have turned and it's Brandy's time of frustration as she tries to get her daughter, Madison potty trained. Brandy is having the same experience with Madison that I had with her. There have been several attempts to potty train Madison with no success. She just doesn't want to participate in this game! She has absolutely no interest! She is now 2 years and 7 months old.

Yesterday Madison was visiting at my house for a while. She had been outside in her bathing suit and as I was taking the bathing suit bottoms off I found a tiny bit of poop in them. Madison then said to me "That's gross! Pew-e-e-e, that stinks!" I answered back to Madison, "If you are big enought to tell me that, then you are big enough to be potty trained!" I don't think she agrees with me just yet!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Caden's Song

I like to sing to Caden whenever I get the chance. He's getting to be such a busy boy that I am afraid my days of singing my be getting few. I have noticed that he likes some songs better than others and I can tell which ones he listens to the best. One day he may like "Shortin' Bread", and the next time it may be "You Are My Sunshine". I guess it depends on his mood. I love to rock and sing him to sleep whenever I can--those are such precious moments.

I have written a song for Caden and sing it to the same tune as Madison's song. The tune is from a little ditty called Married Man, Married Man. (Drives around in a mini-van...) they play it on the radio sometimes.

Anyway, Caden's song goes like this:

Little Man

Little man, little man

Love to hold you when I can

Little man, little man

Daddy's best friend is known as Dan

Little man, little man

When it gets hot, we use the fan

Little man, little man

Let's cook some grub in the fryin' pan

Little man, little man

Daddy saw a donkey then he ran

Little man, little man

Your mama likes to have a tan

Little man, little man

Mimi once had a mini-van

Little man, little man

Mimi loves her little man...

I hope that Caden will remember and enjoy this song as he grows older. His parents will probably get a kick out of it, too-- there is a lot of truth in this song. Maybe Cade will ask about the donkey one day...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Madison's Song

Madison and MiMi--in the days when she liked my singing

When Madison was born I made up a little song that I would sing to her all of the time. When she got old enough, she would smile whenever I would sing it to her. I haven't sung it to her in a while. She does most of the singing now and usually tells me to "Hush, MiMi" whenever I try to sing anything. My how times change...The words to the song went like this:

Madison, Madison

Prettiest little girl under the sun!

Madison, Madison

Eat the hotdog, but not the bun!

Madison, Madison

Playing with you is so much fun!

Madison, Madison

Remember, don't ever play with a gun!

Madison, Madison

I bet you won't ever like to run!

Madison, Madison

Eat too much and you'll weigh a ton!

Madison, Madison

I'm out of words, so my song is done!
I miss the old days when I'd sing "The Madison Song" and always get a smile...Today I sang the old song called "The Name Game" (Maddie, Maddie bo baddie, bonana fanna fo faddie, Fee fy mo maddie, Maddie) and got a smile and a laugh! Maybe I haven't quite lost my touch!