Friday, June 5, 2009

Family traits

Feisty Madison points her finger and says "Stop!"
(that could be her MiMi's mean look that she's giving)

Caden enjoying his jumperoo, just like dad

It always amazes me how a child is born with the genes and traits of certain members of their family. I could always spot inherent things in my own children and now it's apparent in the grandchildren.

Madison has a very strong will and what we like to call a hard head! We attribute this part of her personality to her great-grandparents, in particular. I suppose I should rephrase that and say--some of her great-grandparents. Of course, she is going through the terrible twos, so maybe she will grow out of it!

Madison is constantly talking, just like her daddy. She's also very slow moving and a little clumsy, just like her daddy. From her mama she gets her shyness and fear of new and strange things. Some of Madison's temper comes from Brandy, but Brandy is slow to anger. Of course when she errupts--look out! Madison loves to sing and my son, Brett, loved to sing as a child. Madison loves to "diddle" with things(touch, feel, examine, etc) and my other son, Brad was always a "diddler"--and still is! Madison also loves books, as does her mother and myself.

Cade is still a little young to portray many personality traits, but I've spotted a couple of things from his daddy already. When my son and Cade's daddy, Brett, was little he loved the Johnny Jump Up! It was a little seat with four straps and springs, that hung down from the top of the doorway and bounced up and down when Brett pushed with his feet. Now they have a seat in a frame with springs that is called a Jumperoo. Cade just loves the jumperoo! The other thing that I've noticed is Caden's love of putting his fist, finger, hand in his mouth. He has a very strong sucking desire. All three of my children sucked their thumbs or fingers. Cade's mama gives him a pacifier to suck, but he still enjoys sucking on his hand when the pacifier isn't available.

I'm sure as time goes on, more family traits will become obvious in both children--let's just hope that most of them are the positive ones!

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