Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Things Mean So Much...

My husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on June 18. As usual, we went on a little "anniversary get-away" to celebrate.

 I wanted us to just concentrate on being with each other, without any outside distractions, so I left my laptop at home--something I rarely do!

 Ed and I had a fabulous time enjoying each other's company, while sitting in the sand, and soaking up the wonderful, relaxing atmosphere of the beach. I like to think of the beach as "my little piece of Heaven on earth".

 We got back on Tuesday evening, but I didn't check my computer. When I finally got around to checking Facebook and my email, here is what I found: 


 These two delightful boys are our youngest grandchildren, Caden and Chase. They belong to our oldest son, and this photo greeting is special to me for several reasons!

*The oldest boy, Caden, hates having his picture taken!  He runs at the sight of a camera, yet here he is smiling and posing!

*Getting two small children to pose and smile at the same time is a real feat!

*It really means a lot that our daughter-in-law, Christina, took the time to make that sign for Ed and me, then surprise us with the greeting via email and Facebook!  Time is a precious commodity for a mother of two small boys.

Thanks so much for the well-wishes, guys!  We'll treasure the photograph always.