Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where Are You Going, My Little One?

Today's post will be an update on grandson, aka "Baby Chase".  This is the last time I feel like I can call him "Baby Chase", because he is growing up so fast!

Chase continues to be a "Mama's Boy", and there isn't a thing in the world wrong with that!  While he gives the rest of us tiny smiles and some of his attention, he saves the best for his mama.  His smiles for her can light up the room!  Here's what Chase's face looked like after his mama left him with me earlier this week...So serious--almost sad!

I had the pleasure of Chase's company for a while on Tuesday morning.  It's rare that I have Chase all to myself, without any of the other "grands" around, but the others had gone to the park with their mamas, to play.  I'm not sure Chase knew what to think about being left behind, but I was tickled to have him all to myself.

I threw the old bean bag down on the floor and got down on Chase's level--something that's becoming increasingly hard to do these days!  Chase and I  played for a bit, and before long,  he began to enjoy himself.  I loved watching him explore.

After a while, I got the chance to sing and rock Chase to sleep for his nap--one of my favorite "grandma things" to do.  It's good to know that I still haven't lost my touch!  Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?  I would have taken a picture, but I was afraid I'd disturb him!  As it turned out, Chase's daddy called--and did disturb him!

Believe it or not, Chase is already seven months old!  He's rolling both ways, and actually pulled up for the first time on his seven month birthday!  I suspect that he's in a hurry to grow up and have some fun with his big brother, Cade,--who happens to be growing like a weed himself!