Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Hello everyone! It's time to play SWS! My six words for today are:

I think I need new glasses!

Seriously folks, this is my favorite pair of glasses--or one of them! Since I am well over forty, I have to wear reading glasses. A few years ago I found these glasses and loved the way they fit and looked. I bought three pairs--one for my purse and two pairs laying around the house so I can find them!

One pair of the glasses is silver, the other two are gold framed. Wouldn't you know the silver ones broke. The leg actually broke off at the hinge. I asked my "Mr. Fix-it" hubby to see if he could repair them--he brought them back repaired with duct tape....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday's Giveaway...Children's Activities

Unfortunately, I did not have enough participation in last week's contest to give this prize away, so I've added one more activity to it for this weekend. Apparently, only one person was willing to play MiMi's Trivia Game last weekend. That person's name will be entered in this week's contest twice because they answered two questions.

This weekend we will play MiMi's Trivia With A Twist! I will give you two choices to the blog trivia questions--you have to pick the correct one! Leave your guess in the form of a comment. You can answer up to two questions for two chances to win...Are you ready? Let's go!!! Good luck!

What was Cade dressed as on his birthday invitation? a bear or a monkey(12/2 post)

Who gave Cade his first haircut? his mother or his aunt (12/17 post)

What did I buy Cade for his birthday? a riding toy or a chair (12/2 post)

What happened to my daughter-in-law's car? she wrecked it or she got it bogged down (12/28 post)

What "took out" one of my spiral Christmas trees? the cat or the wind(12/28 post)

What two things did Madison ask Santa for? a doll and a bicycle or a castle and a kitchen (12/29 post)

What did Madison say when she saw her gifts? "Wow!" or "Ho Ho brought everything!"(12/29 post)

How many games did Madison win when I played with her? one or three (1/12 post)

What game did I play with Madison? Lucky Ducks or Candyland Castle (1/12 post)

Where did Brandy and I take Madison to get her out of the house? to the park or to the mall (1/13 post)

Thanks for participating! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Out of the House...part 2

When I left off, Brandy and I were leading Madison toward the bathroom in the mall-- after she made "the face". We also noticed that she had developed a rather "odd" walk.

Upon arriving in the bathroom stall, I heard Brandy gasp and say "Oh no!" as she made the discovery that Madison had apparently had an attack of diarrhea! It was everywhere. Luckily we were prepared with wipes in our purses, but no change of clothes for Madison. I volunteered to run down to J C Penney's to buy some clean underwear.

As I left the bathroom, I noticed a little old lady going into the stall next to Brandy's. As I closed the door behind me, I heard an "explosion of sorts" coming from inside of that stall. Oh dear, I thought!

I hurried as quickly as I could to get the underwear, but you know how it is when you are in a hurry. I had trouble finding them, then once I got to the checkout, I ended up behind a lady who was having problems with prices...Just my luck!

I arrived back at the bathroom to find Madison standing there naked from the waist down, and Brandy in distress! Brandy hates public restrooms and she has a bit of germ phobia. She'd just spent about 10 to 15 minutes inside of one--listening to the little old lady "blow up" the stall next door, while cleaning up Madison's messy bottom, and trying to keep Madison from touching anything in the bathroom. Brandy exited from her stall to wash her hands--only to discover that the little old lady had gotten "poop" all over the soap dispenser when she washed her hands! I probably don't need to add that the air in that bathroom was not very fresh-smelling either!

We quickly put the new, clean underwear on Madison and slipped out the side door of the mall with Madison in tow--wearing only her top, underwear, and shoes and socks. It was a sight to behold I am sure--especially in 40 degree weather! I quickly snapped the above photograph while waiting for Brandy to put her packages in the trunk!

We loaded up Madison in the van and headed back to the warmth of our homes. Brandy made one quick stop at the grocery store while I sat in the van with my half-naked granddaughter. Once we arrived home, I fell on the couch and didn't move for quite sometime! Some outing that turned out to be--but it's the stuff that blogs are made of!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out Of The House...

As I wrote on yesterday's post, Madison (as well as the rest of us) has been suffering from "Cabin Fever". I've been suffering from a strained muscle in my back, Madison has had a cold/earache. The weather has been frigid for days as well!

Today all of us felt a desperate need to get out of the house. My daughter, Brandy, Madison, and I decided to travel 28 miles to the nearest town with a small mall. That's what we do sometimes when Madison needs to get out of the house.

I borrowed some quarters from hubby's change tray and off to the mall we headed. There are several kiddie rides located throughout the mall and Madison loves to ride them.

The trip began to go a little wrong when I couldn't quite get comfortable in the van because of my back, but I made it there without any major pain. However, the pain got more intense as I tried walking and standing. I wasn't anticipating this since I'd spent most of the last three days sittng or stretched out and thought my back was better.

Brandy and I first made a stop by the Bath and Body Works store to check out their sale. We found several good buys before we left the store. After that, my back was aching pretty good, so I decided to find a chair in the mall.

I found myself a seat in the mall, close by the kiddie rides, as well as the beauty salon. I found myself watching this lady in the salon who was having her hair done.

I looked at the lady's hair, and thought "Oh, my!" Her hair looked as if the hairdresser had rolled it on curlers, dried it, taken it down, then sprayed it without styling it. I watched the lady look at her hair in the mirror, then begin to "fix" it herself with her fingers. Then the hairdresser would spray it again. The lady would "fix" it with her fingers again...this went on for three different times before they stopped. That was one awful hairdo! I mentally made myself a note NOT to go to that salon!

While I was watching the salon ordeal, Madison was using up hubby's stash of quarters on the kiddie rides. After the rides, she began to walk on the path of tile squares among the carpeting on the mall floor. She did this until she suddenly got a surprised look on her face... We figured "that look" meant it was time for the bathroom, so we headed that way--with Madison walking a bit be continued!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cabin Fever...Hard Head...Attitude...That's Maddie!

It's seems like it's been forever since the weather has been decent here. It's either been freezing or raining. Madison has also been fighting a cold/earache for several days. All of these things combined make a very cranky little girl!

Yesterday was sunny and a few degrees warmer than last week, but still in the forties. Brandy tried to get Madison outside for a bit, but it was still too cold. Madison was not happy! Hopefully, we can come up with a plan for some relief soon...where are those warm days???

I did manage to play four games of Candyland Castle with Madison yesterday afternoon...She beat me three out of four games, then I quit! Just call me a "sore loser"! What can I say, she's one lucky girl!

She's also a girl with an attitude and a very hard head...I wonder where she gets these things...I'll stop here and ponder on that for a while..

MiMi's Trivia Game is still going on...Just go to last Friday's post, and answer a question to have a chance to win the children's activity set. I'm hoping to get a few more participants...
Have a warm and great day everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The More I Hurry, The More Behind I Get

This photograph of Madison reminds me of the way I've been feeling for a while now. She's playing with two toys at once, and sort of looks like she may be running two vaccum cleaners to me! She has a puzzled look on her face...

I don't know if it's my age or what, but I can't seem to get much accomplished anymore. I didn't do a lot of things this Christmas season that I normally do--such as making candy, or baking Christmas cookies and decorating them. I didn't even get the gifts wrapped until 1:00 am on Christmas morning. I just wasn't "together".

Now that Christmas is over two weeks past, I still have ornaments that are waiting to be packed away. I've never been so behind before! I'm still not "together".

At the first of every week, I clean the front part of my house, but never seem to quite make it all the way to the back part. I think I need to change my strategy and start at the back! Oh well, I keep telling myself "It's not going anywhere!" That is the problem--the mess is not going anywhere!

Happy Monday Everyone! Now, do I start at the front or the back???

By the way...I didn't have enough participation to award my weekend giveaway, so I will keep it going through this coming weekend. Come on guys, participate so I can give the prize away--Just check out Friday's 1-8-10 post to see how to participate.