Monday, January 11, 2010

The More I Hurry, The More Behind I Get

This photograph of Madison reminds me of the way I've been feeling for a while now. She's playing with two toys at once, and sort of looks like she may be running two vaccum cleaners to me! She has a puzzled look on her face...

I don't know if it's my age or what, but I can't seem to get much accomplished anymore. I didn't do a lot of things this Christmas season that I normally do--such as making candy, or baking Christmas cookies and decorating them. I didn't even get the gifts wrapped until 1:00 am on Christmas morning. I just wasn't "together".

Now that Christmas is over two weeks past, I still have ornaments that are waiting to be packed away. I've never been so behind before! I'm still not "together".

At the first of every week, I clean the front part of my house, but never seem to quite make it all the way to the back part. I think I need to change my strategy and start at the back! Oh well, I keep telling myself "It's not going anywhere!" That is the problem--the mess is not going anywhere!

Happy Monday Everyone! Now, do I start at the front or the back???

By the way...I didn't have enough participation to award my weekend giveaway, so I will keep it going through this coming weekend. Come on guys, participate so I can give the prize away--Just check out Friday's 1-8-10 post to see how to participate.

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LC said...

Keep on capturing those great expressions! My sympathy on organizing and cleaning post-holiday.