Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out Of The House...

As I wrote on yesterday's post, Madison (as well as the rest of us) has been suffering from "Cabin Fever". I've been suffering from a strained muscle in my back, Madison has had a cold/earache. The weather has been frigid for days as well!

Today all of us felt a desperate need to get out of the house. My daughter, Brandy, Madison, and I decided to travel 28 miles to the nearest town with a small mall. That's what we do sometimes when Madison needs to get out of the house.

I borrowed some quarters from hubby's change tray and off to the mall we headed. There are several kiddie rides located throughout the mall and Madison loves to ride them.

The trip began to go a little wrong when I couldn't quite get comfortable in the van because of my back, but I made it there without any major pain. However, the pain got more intense as I tried walking and standing. I wasn't anticipating this since I'd spent most of the last three days sittng or stretched out and thought my back was better.

Brandy and I first made a stop by the Bath and Body Works store to check out their sale. We found several good buys before we left the store. After that, my back was aching pretty good, so I decided to find a chair in the mall.

I found myself a seat in the mall, close by the kiddie rides, as well as the beauty salon. I found myself watching this lady in the salon who was having her hair done.

I looked at the lady's hair, and thought "Oh, my!" Her hair looked as if the hairdresser had rolled it on curlers, dried it, taken it down, then sprayed it without styling it. I watched the lady look at her hair in the mirror, then begin to "fix" it herself with her fingers. Then the hairdresser would spray it again. The lady would "fix" it with her fingers again...this went on for three different times before they stopped. That was one awful hairdo! I mentally made myself a note NOT to go to that salon!

While I was watching the salon ordeal, Madison was using up hubby's stash of quarters on the kiddie rides. After the rides, she began to walk on the path of tile squares among the carpeting on the mall floor. She did this until she suddenly got a surprised look on her face... We figured "that look" meant it was time for the bathroom, so we headed that way--with Madison walking a bit be continued!

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LC said...

Best wishes on the back. Back pain is something nobody sees, therefore little to no sympathy. But it can put you totally out of commission. May you recover from both the back and the cabin fever!