Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cabin Fever...Hard Head...Attitude...That's Maddie!

It's seems like it's been forever since the weather has been decent here. It's either been freezing or raining. Madison has also been fighting a cold/earache for several days. All of these things combined make a very cranky little girl!

Yesterday was sunny and a few degrees warmer than last week, but still in the forties. Brandy tried to get Madison outside for a bit, but it was still too cold. Madison was not happy! Hopefully, we can come up with a plan for some relief soon...where are those warm days???

I did manage to play four games of Candyland Castle with Madison yesterday afternoon...She beat me three out of four games, then I quit! Just call me a "sore loser"! What can I say, she's one lucky girl!

She's also a girl with an attitude and a very hard head...I wonder where she gets these things...I'll stop here and ponder on that for a while..

MiMi's Trivia Game is still going on...Just go to last Friday's post, and answer a question to have a chance to win the children's activity set. I'm hoping to get a few more participants...
Have a warm and great day everyone!

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