Monday, December 27, 2010

The Making Of A Gingerbread House...

Where has the time flown? It's been forever and a day since I was able to post over here.
As Christmas kept approaching, I noticed that I kept moving slower and slower...then it hit me--the flu--just seven days before Christmas!

Unfortunately, about that same time, the flu hit poor Madison, too. She and I spent the final week before Christmas, sick as we could be! However, we were able to rally-- just in time to enjoy Christmas--even though neither of us was "our best" on Christmas.

About two weeks before Christmas--and before the flu hit us--Madison's class at "Wee Ones" made Gingerbread Houses! Madison's mama stayed at school on that day, and helped with this project. From the looks of the photos, it was great fun for all!

For Madison, having that plate of decorations sitting in front of her was "Heaven"! Brandy said that Madison ate about as many decorations as she put on her house! When she arrived home, she even had some of that sticky white frosting in the sides of her hair!!!

Of course, Madison and her mama brought the finished house over for me to see. I just loved it! I still remember when my own children made these! Madison didn't want me to take her photo with her Gingerbread House--and so she claimed "that her face was tired". LOL That little stinker...

Precious memories, for sure. Time is marching on by--much too quickly!