Friday, July 15, 2011

Life Goes On...

Yes, I'm still here. It's been an extremely hot week, and I've spent most of it indoors enjoying the air conditioning! The heat index has been high all week, and I've only left the house once!

As for the grandkids...they have been attending Vacation Bible School! Caden's church is hosting it this week, and Madison has been going to classes with him and his mama in the evenings. About all I know about VBS is what Maddie ate for supper! She can always remember what she ate, but not a whole lot more details.

It seems so strange that the two grandbabies should be old enough to be attending classes (of any kind) already! Where did the time go?

I haven't seen Caden all week. He seems to grow an inch from week to week. He's such a busy boy these days...and he says that the new baby can't stay at his house! Let's hope he has a change of heart within the next five months :)

Speaking of babies...Maddie has a new baby cousin! Yesterday, Madison's Uncle Matt (her dad's brother) became the father of a new baby girl, named Gabriella. Now Maddie has two cousins--one on each side of the family, with another to arrive in five months.

It won't be long before we know what it's going to be...and life goes on!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Future Farmers of America...Not!

Father and son...playing on "E's" tractor...

Way back in the olden days, when my husband and I were in high school, there used to be a club called "The Future Farmers of America". Most boys in our area belonged to this club, because most boys around here were sons of farmers. My hubby was no exception.

My husband spent many afternoons and summers on his daddy's tractor, helping tend whatever crops were growing in the family fields. He probably grumbled at the time, but if the truth be told, he probably enjoyed it. He must have, because years later, he decided to purchase a tractor! These days, one of his favorite things is riding his tractor!

By the time our oldest son, Brett, became a teenager, farming was quickly being phase out. The high costs of farming were driving the little farmers out of the business. However, our closest neighbor, and family friend, still farmed. At our insistence, our son spent a summer, or maybe two, working for the neighbor harvesting tobacco. Those are not among our son's favorite summertime memories, I can assure you! Brett had no desire to do anything outside in the heat and insects back then--and he hasn't changed much over the years!

Then along comes little Caden, and what is among his favorite of all things??? Riding "E-pa's" tractor! You can bet if Caden hears the sound of that tractor anywhere near his house, his back door will open and he'll be ready for a ride! Caden usually hitches a ride while my husband is mowing or watering the pecan trees with the water trailer.

If the tractor is just parked, Caden seems to get almost as big of a thrill by just sitting on it! Our son, Brett, frequently gets the chore of watching Caden play on the tractor while it's parked. The other day, we convinced Brett to take Caden for a ride! He wasn't too sure about that idea at first, perhaps it conjured up those tobacco memories that he'd just as soon keep forgotten! It was a Kodak moment, but I missed it! However, I did get a couple of photos another day, of the two of them just sitting.

Hmmm...our neighbor and friend, still farms a little these days...I wonder if he could use a helper or two?!