Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catching Snowflakes...

Poor Madison has been sick for nearly a month now. First she caught the flu, got over that, then came down with a nasty sinus infection. She is now taking antibiotics--for the first time ever! I hope she will soon be well, and perhaps the month of February will be kinder to her than the previous two months have been. I sure hope she can avoid the nasty "stomach flu" that is going around...
The photo above was taken on the day after Christmas--the day we had snow flurries here in southeastern Georgia. Her parents bundled her up, and allowed her to briefly go outside and catch a few snowflakes. She enjoyed trying to catch them in her mouth! Unfortunately, the snow didn't show up in my photos.


Way back in the summer, Cade decided that he liked rocks! He loved nothing any better than grabbing a rock from around the base of the goldfish pond and tossing it into the water! He loved the splash that it made.

Since we try to limit the amount of rocks in the pond, we quickly steered him away from the pond, and over to a barrel fountain in the corner of our yard. There he could throw rocks until his heart was content, and we could reach in the barrel and throw the rocks out after he left. We played this game throughout the summer.

Once fall arrived, Cade developed a different fascination with rocks. He'd stop, pick one up, and put it in his pocket. He treated the rock like it was his treasure, and always wanted to bring it in the house. The problem was, we recently bought a new flat screen television, and I kept having "visions" of Cade throwing his rock at our new television. I just wasn't comfortable with a two-year-old having a rock in my house!

So recently, when Cade had a rock, I came up with a plan. I offered Cade two pieces of candy corn (his favorite) for his rock--and he was okay with that deal! He ate his candy corn, and I put the rock up on the shelf where it sat for over two weeks!

The other night, as Cade was leaving from his visit, I told him I had something for him. Then I gave him back his rock. He was so proud--you would have thought I'd given him a new toy! I put the rock in his coat pocket, and quietly sent it home with him! Aren't I clever?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Was Two Long Weeks...

Would you believe it had been over two weeks since I'd laid my eyes on this little cutie? Sickness has been rampant among our family, and we just haven't been able to all get together. Then last night, Cade and his parents braved "the elements" and came by for a short visit. Cade is feeling better, despite the lingering cough. (I'll take a moment here to mention that Madison has been--and still is--sick, too.)
Cade seemed to be happiest to see "Bobs" the cat, but I'm not sure how "Bobs" felt about being the center of all of Cade's attention! "Bobs" kept running off, but then she'd come right maybe she didn't mind his lovin' too much!
My goodness, the boy looked like he's grown another inch! And just look at that "big boy" haircut! He is not a huge fan of getting a haircut--and absolutely hates those clippers. His Aunt "Loulee" took him to get this haircut--and he behaved pretty good, until the clippers came out...
Cade was talking more than I've ever heard him. What a difference a few days makes! He still talks so quietly, it's more like a whisper--which means that his "E-pa" and I miss hearing a lot of what he says...Of course, when he wants a piece of candy corn (his favorite), he manages to make himself heard!
Once again, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to live nearby both of my grandchildren, so I can see them often. I hope all of this sickness will soon go away, so we can all get reacquainted!