Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Casualty Of "The Grands"...

I have a barrel fountain, located in a corner, next to our front porch.  The barrel fountain sits there, pumping water daily, making soothing water sounds.  The dogs and cats also use the barrel as a place to steal a cool drink of water during the hot summer days.

I have several "statues" sitting in the corner, surrounding the barrel fountain.  The little deer are one of those statues.  Notice those rocks in the photo?  Yes, the ones hiding under the newly fallen pine straw, that needs to be removed...

Well those rocks are like magnets to grandson, Cade!  He loves nothing better than picking them up, and tossing them into the barrel fountain!  He gets great joy from watching the water splash up as the rocks go "kersplash" and disappear to the bottom of the barrel!

Did you happen to notice the missing ear on one of those cute little deer?  Guess who missed the barrel with a rock or two?!  This is the second time Mr. Deer has had his ear knocked off! "E-pa" has already glued Mr. Deer's ear back on once...It lasted about two weeks!  I guess Cade needs to work on his aim.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Look Who Was In The Mood For A Photograph!

Yay! These two were actually in the mood to pose for a photograph--together! Madison actually asked me to take their picture!

Wow, after chasing the two of them around for the past six months, I'd stopped trying!

I'll savor this photograph...It may be a while before I'm able to capture another one!