Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snack Cakes and Telephones...

My daughter shared a funny story with me yesterday, as we were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine. It had to do with Madison, of course!

Madison's paternal grandparents come to visit her every Sunday afternoon, and they always come bearing gifts. Most of the time they bring her some candy or snack cakes. The problem is--Madison's daddy is notorious for getting into Madison's snacks and eating them...

One day this week, at snack time, Madison, once again, discovered that her daddy had been in her snack drawer--and had eaten all of her "Debbie cakes" except for one in each box. She was not a happy little girl!

With just a little help from her mama, Madison dialed her "Nana" on the phone! It was the first phone call that Madison had ever made, and she did a great job. When "Nana" answered the phone, Madison promptly told her that "daddy has eaten all of my snacks!" The two of them quickly decided that daddy had been a "bad boy"...and should be punished. Shame on daddy--but good job with the phone Maddie!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caden Celebrates Valentine's Day...

This was the first Valentine's Day that grandson, Caden, was old enough to appreciate and participate in. This year he came to MiMi's bearing a gift of chocolates. Oh, Caden, you sure know the way to a girl's heart--especially this "old gal"!

Of course, MiMi had a little something for Caden, too. He got a little valentine card with some spending cash for starters...It had a monkey on the front of it.

In addition to his spending cash, I gave Caden a little Valentine's candy dispenser. It was a cow that moos and poops candies out in a little dish. LOL Caden seemed to be amused--I know I sure was.

This young man is going to break a lot of young girl's hearts one of these days...but for now, he's busy trying to figure out how to get that cow to "poop" another piece of candy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Madison's Valentine's Day At MiMi's...

Valentine's Day 2011 was an unusual one--to put it mildly! Madison and I spent most of the day together, while her parents attended the funeral of her daddy's great aunt. Not your typical Valentine's Day at all.

I cooked chicken fingers and french fries for Maddie, because that's what she wanted. She ate hers, as well as part of mine! After lunch, I busied myself in the kitchen baking "E" a German Chocolate cake for Valentine's Day, while Madison played with the Barbies and "read" some books. Did I mention that she spent the majority of the day wearing "MiMi's socks"?

Madison shared with me that she had given her daddy some "Scooby Doo panties", and a "Mickey Mouse" shirt for Valentine's Day. Now that's an outfit I'd like to see...She told me that she received a giant Hershey's kiss, and a Princess book. I'm sure she will know just what to do with that kiss!

My husband had surprised me on Valentine's Day morning with a little stuffed white dog, holding a large Mylar balloon. He left it sitting on the kitchen table, along with a card containing some cash. Madison was impressed with my gift. She spent most of the day trying to convince me that she should have my dog...

Madison had already given me and "E" a couple of gifts on Sunday at our family get-together, but sometime after eight o'clock on Valentine's night, the front door opened and in came Madison--bearing another gift. Actually, Madison tripped on the way in the door, so she did a bit of a "swan dive" entrance...

After she regained her composure, she presented "E" and me a little plaque with her hand print on it. The paint was barely dry! Thanks to my thoughtful daughter for taking the time to make this special gift with Madison--especially after a day spent at the funeral of a relative! We will treasure it always...and thank you, Madison, for each and every one of our gifts!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Madison's First Valentine's Day At School...

Forgive me for not remembering to take a picture for this post, but the past two weeks at our house have been "trying" to put it mildly...too much sickness and drama. I wanted to post about Maddie's Valentine's Day at school before I forget!

First of all, Maddie picked out two different boxes of valentines for her classmates at "Wee Ones" nursery school. The girls got "Disney Princess" cards, while the boys got "Winnie the Pooh" valentines. Maddie's mama was surprised to discover that valentines no longer come with envelopes! They fold over and come with those silly red heart stickers that never stay stuck!

Madison and her mama made Valentine's Day cupcakes for the school party. Madison was so proud of their pretty pink cupcakes with Valentine's confetti on top, that she called me and "E" over to see them. She loves to help her mama bake!

The school had their Valentine's Party on last Thursday morning. Madison came home bringing many valentines cards, gifts, and crafts that she made in school. I was impressed that she could tell me who each valentine was from! Early reading, perhaps? Or possibly a great memory for details? I think one of her favorite cards was the one from her "boyfriend", David. LOL

My daughter, Brandy, is just like I used to be. She saves everything that Madison does in school. She has two notebooks filled already, and it's only February. Madison brought home enough Valentine's Day stuff to fill a notebook!

Hopping for many more fun Valentine's Days in Maddie's future!