Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caden Celebrates Valentine's Day...

This was the first Valentine's Day that grandson, Caden, was old enough to appreciate and participate in. This year he came to MiMi's bearing a gift of chocolates. Oh, Caden, you sure know the way to a girl's heart--especially this "old gal"!

Of course, MiMi had a little something for Caden, too. He got a little valentine card with some spending cash for starters...It had a monkey on the front of it.

In addition to his spending cash, I gave Caden a little Valentine's candy dispenser. It was a cow that moos and poops candies out in a little dish. LOL Caden seemed to be amused--I know I sure was.

This young man is going to break a lot of young girl's hearts one of these days...but for now, he's busy trying to figure out how to get that cow to "poop" another piece of candy!


Cindy said...

He is adorable. I still can't believe how grown-up he is. He's definitely gonna be a heartbreaker.

LC said...

Love how you celebrate every holiday with the little -- and big -- ones!

BTW I couldn't get the comment to show up on your "siblings" post and my efforts may wind up with the versions showing up. Just call me technologically dysfunctional!