Monday, February 14, 2011

Madison's First Valentine's Day At School...

Forgive me for not remembering to take a picture for this post, but the past two weeks at our house have been "trying" to put it mildly...too much sickness and drama. I wanted to post about Maddie's Valentine's Day at school before I forget!

First of all, Maddie picked out two different boxes of valentines for her classmates at "Wee Ones" nursery school. The girls got "Disney Princess" cards, while the boys got "Winnie the Pooh" valentines. Maddie's mama was surprised to discover that valentines no longer come with envelopes! They fold over and come with those silly red heart stickers that never stay stuck!

Madison and her mama made Valentine's Day cupcakes for the school party. Madison was so proud of their pretty pink cupcakes with Valentine's confetti on top, that she called me and "E" over to see them. She loves to help her mama bake!

The school had their Valentine's Party on last Thursday morning. Madison came home bringing many valentines cards, gifts, and crafts that she made in school. I was impressed that she could tell me who each valentine was from! Early reading, perhaps? Or possibly a great memory for details? I think one of her favorite cards was the one from her "boyfriend", David. LOL

My daughter, Brandy, is just like I used to be. She saves everything that Madison does in school. She has two notebooks filled already, and it's only February. Madison brought home enough Valentine's Day stuff to fill a notebook!

Hopping for many more fun Valentine's Days in Maddie's future!


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Anonymous said...

How cute. I'm so glad that she enjoys school like she does. Hope she continues to have a Happy Valentine's Day.

NanaDiana said...

That is a special Holiday for those little ones. Glad Maddie is enjoying her class and is having fun celebrating Valentine's Day. Diana