Saturday, August 14, 2010

Six Word Saturday

My six words for today are: Missing spending time with them lately...
I haven't had much time to devote to these precious little grandchildren of mine during the past
two weeks or so, due to my mother-in-law's recent decline in health.
Most of my time and energy has been going toward getting her moved and settled into a
personal care home. I am hoping that next week will bring about some free time and extra
energy. I am looking forward to "getting caught up" with Maddie and Cade.
Thanks to Cate @ for hosting SWS.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maddie Grows A Pumpkin...Or Two

In late spring of this year, a pretty little vine began to sprout beside Maddie's front doorstep. It

seems that some of the seeds from her Halloween Pumpkin had planted themselves in the dirt,

then lay dormant all winter.

With much curiosity and wonder, Maddie and her family watched as the little vine began to grow

longer and longer. It seemed as if it would go on forever...but nobody disturbed it!

In a while, some pretty little orange blossoms came on the very long vine, followed by some tiny green

pumpkins. Maddie watched as the tiny green pumpkins began to grow larger. Maddie watched

as her pumpkins grew bigger, but not too big...

When all was said and done, Maddie ended up with three of these precious little pumpkins that

were picked off her vine! What a nice surprise! Instead of Halloween Pumpkins, this year

Maddie had some Fourth of July Pumpkins! Who knows, this may begin a new tradition at her


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maddie, Then and Now...August 10

Every now and then, when news is slow, I like to scroll back through my old photographs and

marvel at how far my grand babies have come. Today is one of those days...

This photograph was taken of Madison three years ago, in August. She is wearing what was to

become one of my favorite outfits--a little pink sailor dress, a gift from a friend. Those little

pink glitter shoes were a gift from me. I love glitter shoes :) and all things girly. Looking at that

nearly bald head, who would have ever thought she'd end up with so much hair?

This is Madison today--or a few days ago...Still smilin' and cheesin' it up for MiMi's

camera! Madison has to be in a good mood to have her picture made these days. Lucky for

MiMi, I caught her on a "happy day"! She is wearing her new "silly band" bracelets, that have

become so popular. She is also holding MiMi's Evil Dr. Pork Chop flashlight. Best of all, her hair

was freshly combed and styled. It probably stayed that way about 15 minutes--maybe!