Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Maddie's Christmas Field Trip...

I want to take a moment here, and backtrack.  Somehow, in all of the Christmas shuffle, I neglected to post about the field trip that I recently attended with my granddaughter, Madison, and her mom.

Busy Little Beavers preschool took a field trip to Savannah--the week before Christmas!  No wonder I neglected writing about it, huh?  I didn't know which end was up the week before Christmas, did you?

Anyway, the students of the preschool and their chaperons traveled the fifty-five miles to Savannah, and met a local library there.  It was a very large, new library...completely solar powered, too!  Did I mention there was a tree in the middle of it?...It was a "fake" tree, but still it was an interesting sight to see!

We were quietly ushered into a room reserved for "story time".  After a few minutes, the library story teller began reading the children a few books, which they seemed to enjoy.

Following story time, the students and chaperons traveled next-door to the Savannah Mall for a fun ride on the Christmas train.

  Our last stop was to the Bass Pro Shop for a class photo with Santa Claus.  While we were at there, I asked Madison and my daughter to join me for a picture with Santa.  They did.  Here we are, 3 generations posing with Santa!

Following the photo session with Santa, we were on our own for the rest of the day.  After grabbing some lunch at the Food Court, we did a little browsing at the mall, and let Madison play on the indoor playground for a bit before eventually heading for home.  Fun times, fun memories...I'm glad my daughter let me tag along!  Below is a video clip of the trip...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Walking...

A funny thing happened this week...On Wednesday, Madison and her mother had a big discussion about boots.  Although Madison has a pair of "Hello Kitty" rain boots,  she told her mother that she would like to have a pair of  black boots to wear to school--"like the ones other little girls at school wear" she said.

My daughter Brandy explained to her daughter, that while some little girls may be wearing black suede boots in pre-K, she preferred that Madison wait until she's a little older before she got some.  Brandy prefers to dress Madison in more age-appropriate attire.  I'm a bit old-fashioned, and tend to think that way, too.

On Friday, Madison went to visit her "Nana" after school.  Apparently, at some point, Madison had  expressed her desire for a pair of black boots to her paternal grandmother, as well-- hopefully before her discussion with her mother on Wednesday.

In any event, on Friday evening, Madison came home wearing a pair of black suede boots--a gift from "Nana".  Oops!!!   Madison sure does love her black suede boots.  Her mom?  Not so much.