Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friday's Giveaway...20 Questions Trivia Game

If your children are like our grandchildren, they are already tired of their Christmas toys. The weather outside is "frightful" and you are always looking for something to keep them entertained inside of the house, right?
I am giving away a set of "adventure" stencils/markers and a paint with water book--no paint necessary, brush included! Shoot, I'll even throw in a few sheets of paper for the stencils! This should keep any child happy for at least a day!
To have a chance to win this prize, all you have to do is play MiMi's Blog Trivia. I will have a list of 20 questions at the bottom of this post.
Choose one question, find the answer if you don't know it, and leave the correct answer in the form of a comment.You can not answer a question that someone else has already answered--you must pick one that hasn't been answered! However, you can answer two questions in the form of 2 comments, for two chances to win! If I have more than 5 participants, I will end the game at midnight on 1/10/10. If I have less than 5 participants, I will run the game for another week. will choose the winning comment number. Thanks and have fun!
Trivia questions:
1. What was Cade dressed as in the picture on his birthday invitation? (12/2 post)
2. What did I buy Cade for his birthday present? (12/2 post)
3. Who was Madison's Christmas visitor? (11/26 post)
4. What has Madison loved to do for as long as I can remember? (12/16 post)
5. What do I call Madison because she loves to do what she does? (12/16 post)
6. Who gave Cade his first haircut?(12/17 post)
7. What kept happening to MiMi's reindeer in the picture? (12/28 post)
8. What happened to Mr. Penguin when I tried to brush him off?(12/28 post)
9. What happened to my daughter-in-law's car?(12/28 post)
10. What time did MiMi get up on the day after Christmas?(12/28 post)
11. What "took out" one of my spiral trees? (12/28 post)
12. What two things did Madison ask Santa for? (12/29 post)
13. What did Madison say when she saw her gifts? (12/29 post)
14. What did Santa tell Madison in the note that he left? (12/29 post)
15. What is the same about both pictures in this post? (1/4 post)
16. Why is Cade wearing Madison's t-shirt in the photo? (1/5 post)
17. What is on the front of the t-shirt that Cade is wearing in the photo? (1/5 post)
18. What is Cade doing in the photo taken Christmas 2009?( 1/7 post)
19. How old was Cade on Christmas Day 2008?(1/7 post)
20. What was Cade wearing on Christmas Day 2008?(1/7 post)

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Hayley said...

#18 - Cade is riding a tricycle! And looks mighty cute doing it! Thanks for the chance to win!

Hayley said...

#20 - He was wearing a cute little santa outfit!