Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"I Was King of the World, When Daddy Let Me Drive..."

Our three-year-old grandson, Cade, received a new tractor for Christmas.  He hasn't stopped traveling since the day he learned how to drive it!

I can't count the number of times I've heard the familiar "whine" of Cade's tractor outside in the yard.  He usually drives his tractor from his house to our house, then back home...if the battery holds out long enough.  His daddy is always walking or driving close behind him on these trips.

Cousin Madison loves to take Cade's tractor for a spin around the yard, as well.  Between the two of them, sometimes the tractor is just too tired to make it home, but that's what car trunks are made for!  Sometimes we just load that tractor up and take it back home.

In the short video clip below, Cade was just learning  his driving skills.  He's had lots of practice since then.  Of course, there have been a few "fender benders" along the way, including a "run in" with one of the pine trees in our yard...Did I mention that Cade tends to like to drive in "high gear" most of the time.  (I hope all of this isn't a glimpse into his future!)

There is a small wagon attached behind Cade's tractor.  Inside of that wagon, you will usually find three things.  (1) a small wooden box containing three "Thomas the Train" puzzles, (2) his "Key" (the little money/blanket that he's had since birth), and (3) a small stuffed "pound puppy" that looks like a hound, a gift from a friend.  Quite an assortment of cargo, huh?

Time will pass, and the tractor--along with its interesting trailer cargo-- will eventually make way for other things, but for now, Cade thinks "he's king of the world, when his daddy lets him drive"!


skoots1mom said...

love that little deere!
we never had cool stuff like that, hahaha!
thanks for stopping by ;)

Anonymous said...

He is just too cute driving his tractor. :-) He'll love showing these videos to his children one day.

LC said...

He is a picture of concentration! Go Cade!