Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf....

I've been meaning to write about this crazy game that Madison and my husband play together. She pretends to be "Little Red Ridinghood", while he pretends to be "The Big Bad Wolf". See her in the photo wearing her coat like a cloak?

Madison wears her coat on her head, and prances around the house, while "E" makes an ugly face and pretends like he's going to eat her up! I must say..."E" makes a rather convincing wolf--with those bushy eyebrows and that ugly face that only he can make!

Now that cold weather will soon be over, and the pink coat will be put away, I guess the two of them will have to find another game to play! I can hardly wait to see what the two of them come up with next!

Hey, I'm linking up with a fun, new blog hop today! It's called Tuesday Train. It's hosted by several great blogs that I recently began following. The hostesses are House On The Corner , Survival Mama , With Faith Family and Friends , and My Mad Mind. I failed to get the button to work today, but just click on any of the hostess links for details on how to enter the hop. Thanks ladies for hosting this fun hop!


LC said...

Every good grandmother deserves a good grandfather as a partner. Sounds like Mimi and Maddie share the attention of an exceptional grandfather. A blessing!

Toesthattwinkle! said...

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