Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recent Happenings Around Here...

Cade at the party, posing with his family

The last time I saw Cade was on Saturday night, at his mama's surprise birthday party. His mama celebrated her thirtieth birthday last Tuesday, and was surprised with a party the following Saturday evening.

At first, Cade wasn't at the birthday party. He got left with a sitter, because his mama thought she was going to church to practice singing for an upcoming church function. She arrived at church to find the annex filled with family and friends, ready to celebrate her birthday!

Cade arrived at the party, with his babysitter, a little while later. My husband didn't see Cade and the sitter come in, but I did. A few minutes later my husband turned to me and said, "that little boy over there looks a lot like Cade." I looked at him and said, "Honey, that is Cade!" (I really need to get my hubby to the eye doctor...)

It wasn't long before Cade spotted us sitting at the table. He eventually walked over to where we were, looked up at my husband, and said "Whatcha' doin' E"? It was so cute! I can't get over how well he communicates these a little adult!

On Tuesday, my husband was out in the field watering our newly planted pecan trees. He was using his tractor to pull the water trailer. My husband looked up and spotted Cade and his daddy outside watching him, so he rode over to them on the tractor.

Apparently, Cade decided he'd like to go for his first tractor ride with "E"--and I missed it! I'm sad because I usually try to record such moments with my camera! My husband said that Cade sat very still, and seemed to enjoy the ride. I hope that will be the first of many tractor rides. Next time I'll be watching--with my camera in my hand!


Anonymous said...

If he keeps growing like he is, it won't be long before he's the one driving the tractor. LOL

LC said...

Your hubby's comment about the little boy that looked a lot like Cade had me laughing. What wonderful family memories of the party, pecan trees and tractor rides. We know whatcha' doin' E and it all sounds good!