Monday, March 14, 2011

Maddie's Rattlesnake Roundup Experience...

Saturday morning began early over at granddaughter, Madison's, house. She had to be at the starting point of the 2011 Rattlesnake Roundup Parade by 9:45!

Madison was given the choice to walk or ride in a wagon since the dance school wasn't having a float. Madison's mama decided it might be best to let her ride in a wagon since the parade route was going to be around 2 miles. I think that was a wise choice!

The next order of business was to figure out who was going to pull the wagon! Madison's Aunt Sarah graciously volunteered to pull the wagon, since Madison's mama is dealing with foot problems and can't hold out to walk very far.

Aunt Sarah made a friend during the parade, who offered to help pull the wagon in exchange for giving her little girl a ride in the wagon with Madison! Two miles is a long way to pull someone in a wagon! Thank the Lord for new friends!

There were lots of dancers marching with this group! Some of them carried two "rattlesnakes" fashioned from brown cardboard, trimmed in pink glitter. That's one of the snakes in front of Madison's wagon. Madison's wagon was traveling in between the two snakes, but they stopped so we could take a couple of pictures...Wasn't that nice?

Here they are, stopped and waving for our cameras! That's Aunt Sarah waving to us. As soon as the parade was over, Madison had to rush home, eat a quick bite of lunch, then be back at the Rattlesnake Roundup activities by 2:00--dressed in costume, and ready to dance!

This photo shows just a portion of the little girls in Madison's dance class. I think there are nineteen of them in all! That's a lot of energetic little girls! Some of the little girls are also in Madison's class at "Wee Ones".

Here's Madison doing what's known in dance class as "The Boogie".

And here's Madison after she finished dancing at the Roundup! Can you tell she's just a little bit tired? Whenever she gets tired, those fingers always find their way up to those lips, and in her mouth...
I can't blame her a bit, I was tired from just following her around and watching!

Madison did a great job, and made us all very proud!
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Those dresses are so cute!

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LynnMarie said...

What a great story and super photos. She is so cute. So glad I stopped by and I'm glad you stopped by my blog to see your award. It was set to post after I left for work so I didn't have time to let you know first. Enjoy.

Mad Mind said...

I LOVE these dresses! They are so cute.

Thanks for riding with us today!