Monday, August 31, 2009

Not My (Grand) Child, Monday!

I don't have any revelations about my own children this week and I wrote my own revelations in my other blog @ , so I will write about the grandchildren. At this point in time, they're the most fun to write about anyway!

No, Caden did not pull himself from sitting to standing for the first time last Sunday! No, the whole family, with the exception of his daddy, were not seated and watching this phenomenom as it happened! No, he did not like the feeling so good that he decided to try it again! No, he was not using his favorite toy, the musical light up stage to pull up on...Cade, you really were a "star" on Sunday!

No, Caden did not finally cut his first tooth this week! After eight and one half months of chewing and drooling, he finally was successful at getting one through! We are so happy for you Caden, do an encore for us....

No, Caden did not learn in one week's time how to "pick up" tidbits of food with his fingers and put them into his mouth--like a pro! The tidbits went from landing on the floor to landing in Cade's mouth! Can I hear an A-men?

No, Madison did not get into trouble numerous times this week after visiting her Nanna and Papa's house...No, she does not have a tough time transitioning sometimes....No, she did not get some spankings for sticking out her tongue, slapping, or just being difficult....No her mother did not go to bed with a headache after dealing with the transition...

No, MiMi did not have to get out "Sgt. Swatter," the big fly swatter, to help Madison figure out that she couldn't have her way at MiMi's house...Madison did not quickly remember how to act when she saw "Sgt. Swatter"...later Madison did not "act out" then quickly realize that she'd messed up and correct herself...thankyou, "Sgt. Swatter" and thank you, Lord, for the people who still believe in using them! A-men!

That does it for my post, now hop on over to Mckmama's blog @ and see what the rest of the bloggers in our carnival have been up to this week...thanks for hopping come again!


Lisa said...

wow sounds like a bigg week for the little man!!
and as for the swatter, i don't disapprove at all! (but will probably never have the guts to say it on my own blog)

Shelly said...

Sounds like a busy week....Hope it gets better for Madison...LOL