Thursday, September 3, 2009

The More We Get Together, The Happier We'll Be...

The other day I was keeping Cade for a couple of hours when Madison and her mother came over to visit. For the first time ever, Madison asked if she could hold Cade. Wow, she's come a long way...From not even wanting to sit by him to wanting to hold him! I am so glad!

After we let Madison briefly hold Cade(because he's getting pretty big), the two of them sat on the couch and looked at books together. It was so sweet...and then Cade decided that he liked Madison's books better than his. Every time he took her book, she'd get another one. He'd see it and take that one, too. It was sort of funny! Madison was a pretty good sport though.

I really hate the fact that Cade is the only cousin that Madison has at the moment. Cade on the other hand, has 17 cousins on just his mother, Christina's, side of the family! He has piles of cousins to play with at any given time--and most of the youngest ones are little boys! I am somewhat envious of large families. Christina's mother had 3 grandchildren born this month! Cade's mother is always attending birthday parties!
Anyway, I am thankful that Madison and Cade have each other on our side of the family. It makes things a little bit more fun now when we have our family dinners! Here's to having more grandchildren in the future, hopefully, while I am still young enough to enjoy them!

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