Monday, August 1, 2011

Sharing Some Recovered Maddie Moments...

Up until recently, I thought I'd lost a treasure trove full of movie clips taken with my digital camera.  Thankfully, my oldest son showed me where my movies are stored on my computer, then helped me file them so I could find them.  I'm very grateful for two my "computer savy" sons!

I'm feeling sort of nostalgic today, so I searched through the movie files and found a few old clips from several years ago.  Wow!  It's hard to remember Madison ever being this tiny, but I know that she was!  This video is over four years old!

These clips will mean so much to Madison one of these days...Not only is there video of her as a baby, but she will have her mother' voice narrating the movie.  Only us older folks can truly appreciate the marvel of being able to hear your mom's voice, one of these days, when she's no longer with you.

This particular movie clip concerns "The Wiggles".  Oh how we loved The Wiggles!  Unfortunately, by the time we discovered them, their show was nearing it's final season on television.  That's too bad, even I loved The Wiggles! 

Fortunately, Madison was able to attend a Wiggles concert while they were still coming on television!  Greg had retired by then, and Sam had taken his place, but the show was still great.  Lucky for us, her parents let me and my hubby tag along!  I truly enjoyed the show as much as Madison did! 

And now, without further delay...may I present, a "Maddie Moment" ...watching The Wiggles:


LynnMarie said...

I can not remember the sound of my mother's voice so yes Maddie will love hearing it in the future. Great job Grandma!

NanaDiana said...

Oh how cute! My grandkids all loved the Wiggles too. I love your Southern accent! Hugs- Diana

Anonymous said...

Wow - was Madison really that small? Time does fly.

She will treasure this one day because I'd love to be able to hear my mama's voice just one more time.

What a sweet video. :-)

LC said...

I can't believe how that little one's features are so similar to her Mimi's!