Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cade and the Christmas Decorations...Friday's Giveaway

I spent a full six hours visiting with Cade on Wednesday. That was our longest visit ever, I think. Usually his visits are more in the two hour range. His mama needed time for some party preparations.

I was curious to see how Cade would react to my Christmas decorations, but he did really good. He just kept pointing to the tree and saying"Wazzat?" Only once did he go over and try to pull the roping off.

He was most amazed by the fake snow (fluffy fiberfill)on the carpet. He got a handful and pulled it all apart-- looking at it carefully. It stuck to his fingers and he wasn't so sure about that!

He hadn't been for a visit in a little over a week and a half, so he was more than ready to play with his toys! He went straight for the Handy Manny musical tool box. By the time he went home, he'd played with everything at least twice.

My favorite part of his visit was taking a nap with him. It's so sweet to cuddle with a sleeping baby, and he was so cute when he woke up! His hair was standing up all over his head! I should've taken a picture!

Now, for Friday's giveaway...The prize this weekend is a paint book and paints. I love watercolor paints, as do most children. Painting was always a very popular activity with my first grade students.

To have a chance to win this prize, just choose any number between 1 and 55. Whoever comes the closest to the number chosen by without going over-- will win. You may choose up to three numbers, and leave your guesses in the form of a comment. Contest ends on Sunday night at midnight EST.

This will be my last giveaway for the year 2009. Good luck to everyone!

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2cats said...

He sure seems to love you very much. You're right nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby. Sweet in a nice way

This is a fun way to give a giveaway.
My numbers are:

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
My guesses are: 2, 20, and 50.