Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cade's Coming To Visit MiMi

I am up bright and early this morning in anticipation of a visit from my favorite "little man" Cade! It's been almost a couple of weeks since he visited our house. I believe it was the Friday after Thanksgiving when he last visited.

Cade hasn't seen any of MiMi's Christmas decorations, so I think he will have some big eyes when he enters the house. It will be interesting to see his reaction!

I did have a brief visit with Cade last Friday night during our 4 hour visit to Chili's. That is one good child! Anytime you can keep an eleven month old in a restaurant for 4 hours without a "meltdown" is a miracle--and we did it!

I have purchased an "elf on the shelf" for Cade, but haven't given it to him. He's too young for it this year, but will probably enjoy it next year. I wonder what he will name his elf...

There's a good chance that today will be the last day that I will see Cade until his birthday. Ahhhh..The little man will be turning one on Saturday. It's so hard to believe that he's been with us for a year already.

I hear that he's taking steps, but I've only seen him take two. Looking forward to seeing that! Guess I'd better go and make a final check to make sure everything is secure before he arrives. I'll have a full report tomorrow...Have a great day, I know I will!

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