Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Birthday Candygram From Caden...

My birthday was last week, and I got very unique and thoughtful gift from grandson, Caden. His mom is very creative, and came up with the idea to make a "candy gram" to me from Caden.  (click on the image to enlarge it)

It read:

Don't get a "Big(lemon)head", but I think you're pretty great! You're an "Extra(gum)special" person who's "Mounds" of fun and have brought me tons of "(Almond)joy"! Not to "Butter(finger)" you up, but even if I went into "Orbit(gum), searched the "Milky Way", I couldn't find a Mimi quite like you!   I would love to give you "100Grand" and send you on a shopping "Spree" or even a trip to New "York(Peppermint Pattie)", but I thought it would be more fun to make this giant "Sweet(tart) card instead. That way I can tell you how I've enjoyed the "Big(peanut butter lover's cup)" times with you...from when I was a tiny "Baby(ruth)" until now, almost "3(Musketeers)" old. Playing with your toys, eating all your "candy corn" and throwing "(Pop)rocks" in your fountain are just a few favorite "moments(Mentos)". I hope this makes you "Snicker" and not "Cry(babies)". Have a "Red Hot" birthday!   Love you to "(Reese's) Pieces", Caden

I love my "candy gram".  I'm going to enjoy looking at it for just a few days, before I eventually take it apart and share it with the grand kids.  I'm sure they will both enjoy helping me dispose of the candy :)

Thanks a bunch Caden!  We'll be eating your gift soon!


LC said...

How cute and sweet. All that love should leave a sweet taste in your mouth and heart!

LynnMarie said...

How creative!