Friday, September 9, 2011

His Father's Son...

Quiet little Caden's personality is constantly evolving.  He's turned out to be quite a serious young man--he's becoming very intense.  He also appears to become interested only in certain things, and totally concentrates most of his attention and energy toward those "certain things". 

At the moment Cade's still very interested in tractors, lawn equipment, and tools.  He seems to love nothing better than "fixing" things or pretending to mow down the flowers in the yard with the bubble mower!  A tractor is one of his favorite toys.  None of these things are like his dad, but are more like his "Epa" or Uncle Clint.  Cade's daddy hates yard work and fixing things.

However, Cade's daddy, Brett,  is a very intense, serious person, who usually focuses his attention only on the few certain things that interest him.  He's still that way today.  While Brett was growing up, he took his play very seriously--just like Cade does! 

One of Brett's "all-time" favorite toys was a ride-on tractor.  It ran on battery power, and that poor tractor made a million trips around our yard before it finally wore out.  Brett never liked playing with cars or trucks though. He only liked that riding tractor!

Another very striking similarity, between father and son, became evident  yesterday while Cade was playing around in the yard.  As he constantly moved about the yard getting into things, I found it necessary to speak to him several times.  In other words, I "got onto" him.  He eventually got mad with me, and walked away muttering "Dang it."  This action was exactly like something his father would've done!  Cade is definitely his father's son...

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