Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Good Luck Chair!

This is the "good luck chair" rolled down from high chair into a rocking chair.

This is the rocking chair rolled up into high chair mode. Notice my baby? She's such a good baby!

This is my favorite "little man" Cade having a bite of supper in the "good luck chair"! He's almost as well-behaved as my baby doll....

A few years ago, while Brandy was pregnant and having so many problems, the hospital where my husband was working decided to have a silent auction to raise money. One of the items up for auction was a hand crafted, wooden chair. It was a unique chair because it was a high chair that also converted into a rocking chair. The couple who donated it to the auction had bought it many years before, thinking that they would one day use it for a child, but it never happened....sort of sad.

Anyway, my husband "took a fancy" to this chair and wanted to bid on it. Right away one of the doctors at the hospital wrote down a bid of $150.00 figuring that she was a "shoo in" to win it with a bid that high. Just to make sure, she told one of the people in charge of the auction to call her if anyone happened to outbid her. My husband witnessed this conversation and wasn't too happy about it. He stewed about it all day...he hadn't thought that the bid would go that high.

My husband called me and told me about the chair. He asked me what I thought it might be worth. I had no idea, since I didn't know what kind of chair he was describing, but I told him if he liked it to get it.

A couple of minutes before the auction was over, Ed went over to the auction table and wrote down a bid a few dollars higher than the $150.00 bid. The man who was supposed to be watching the bids on the high chair was busy at that moment and couldn't let the doctor know. The auction ended and Ed won himself a chair! Boy, was that lady doctor upset!

Ed decided that the chair was going to be our "good luck chair", er "good luck charm", and he declared that everything would eventually be okay with Brandy and the baby...and it was. Madison is living proof! I just love a good ending!

The chair is very pretty, but it's so nice that we really hate to use it for a high chair. So, it usually sits around holding one of my dolls, making an interesting conversation piece. Occasionally, we do use it for a high chair, but we never have used it for a rocking chair.

You'd have to know how frugal my husband is with his money to truly appreciate this story him of biddng on the lucky chair, but a move like that was totally out of character for Ed. Maybe he just had a feeling about that special chair...our good luck charm.

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