Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Trip Down Memory Lane...To The Park!

I found another short movie clip of Madison.  This one was taken a couple of years ago, at our local recreation park. 

Watching the movie clip brought back so many memories.  I'd forgotten how long it took Madison to learn how to climb up a slide--then get up the nerve to actually slide down!  I'd also forgotten that Madison enjoyed the "bumpy" slide more than the regular slide! 

When you're an only child, surrounded all day by only adults, sometimes it makes learning a bit harder!  Sometimes one of the adults even has to resort to acting like a child...(see end of movie).  I'm happy to report that Madison has mastered climbing the slide quite well these days!



NanaDiana said...

Cute video. Gosh-look how little she was there- and I love that Mom went down the slide too! xo Diana

LC said...

How quickly we forget those precious moments. You are doing such a wonderful job of preserving them for Maddie, Caden, their parents and for Mimi and E!

LynnMarie said...

She will love to see these some day! What a great memory for her ( not to mention the video at her wedding some day)