Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A McDonald's Picnic At The Park

Yesterday was a beautiful day in our town. The weather was sunny and near 70 degrees...a beautiful day to visit the local park--and McDonald's! My daughter, Brandy, granddaughter, Madison, and I left for our picnic at the park around 12 o'clock...Madison got insulted when I pulled the camera out to take her photograph while she was enjoying her chicken that expression--and the McNugget in her cheek!

After our "non-nutritious"--but "oh-so-delicious" lunch-- Madison played on a few things on the playground. Future Nascar driver? What do you think? She's actually tall enough to climb on the car by herself this year!
She tried out the slide once. A few times she climbed half-way up some slides, then changed her mind...We were the only people at the park...nobody to play with...

After a while, Madison crawled up on the park bench beside her mama and put those two fingers in her mouth...that was our signal that it was time to Fred's Dollar Store!
After a brief stop by Fred's to purchase mailing envelopes--and check out the new Easter goodies--we returned home. Fun day!


LC said...

Yep, love "the look." How quickly they learn to make their opinions known!

Jill said...

Looks like a lot of fun! McDonald's is the best type of picnic--no prep work and everything gets thrown away!

Baba said...

Hi Kathy, it looks like Madison has a good time with you wherever the two of you go...her facial expressions are priceless!!Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Baba