Monday, February 22, 2010

This Boy Can Move...

My husband and I kept Caden on Saturday afternoon while his parents attended the wedding of some friends. The weather was beautiful, so we decided to let Caden go outside to "run around".

It was our first experience taking Caden outside since he learned to walk. Wow, that boy can move! We was taking off in every direction, and it was all I could do to keep up with him!

After about 30 minutes of chasing him...I was exhausted! I had to get my husband to take over... I don't remember any of my own children being able to move that quickly...of course that was twenty-five to thirty years ago--and I'm sure I moved quicker then!

I think Caden enjoyed his outside adventure very much. Maybe next time I'll tie a little string around his waist...LOL Just kidding! MiMi's just going to have to exercise and get in better shape!

***Congratulations to...RubynReba for being chosen the winner of the Disney Princess children's giveaway! Number 2 was the lucky number this weekend, chosen by Thanks to those who participated!

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