Saturday, February 6, 2010

Six Word Saturday

My six words today are....... This little girl is getting feisty!

Our granddaughter, Madison, aged 3, is turning into quite a little feisty female--in other words, she's getting too big for her britches! She was at our house visiting yesterday, when she began to demand that my husband turn the television to a different channel! He explained to her that it was his time to watch the news, and that if she wanted to watch TV she would have to go home.

Then I was in the bedroom working on a blog post when she came to me and demanded my attention. I told her that I was busy at the moment, and she would have to either find something to play with or go home. She quickly said to me "I'm not talking to you!" and left the room in a huff.

All I know is...if she's this feisty at age 3, I can only imagine age 13! Her mother is well aware of how she is, and is constantly reprimanding her for it. I don't think Madison's ever heard the old saying "Little children should be seen and not heard." I'll have to share that with her on her next visit--I can just imagine her reply!
Feisty or not, Madison brightens my day when she comes around. She makes me laugh, and feel loved. I love experiencing life again through her eyes. Grandchildren are the best, and I'm so thankful that I finally have some!
***Check out the photograph of my grandson, Caden, on Friday's post. Just leave a caption suggestion to be entered for the children's giveaway!!! Enjoy your weekend...


Baba said...

Madison is so darn cute even with her feisty self!! I have a granddaughter named Madison and she is 9 years old..She lives in Savannah...our grands grow up too quick..they make our lives so enriched with their love and laughter.. Baba

Autumn in jeans said...

Awwwww, I remember that stage, we're still in it a bit and my girls are now 7 and almost 9!
Happy 6WS,

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful!

Happy 6WS!

Call Me Cate said...

Ooooh, she looks like trouble! Thanks for playing 6WS!