Friday, July 10, 2009

"Queen Maddie" Just Said "Noooo!"

"Queen Maddie eating ice cream on her throne"
My daughter and I do a lot of carpooling. Neither of us work at the moment, so we "pinch pennies" in any way that we can. Usually we take turns driving.

On Wednesday of this week, we planned a trip to the grocery store. The store that we shop at has Wednesday Only specials. Before we could go on our grocery buying trip, I had an appointment early in the morning to get my haircut. I told my daughter I'd be back shortly after 10.

It was one of those days...the beautician was running a little late, then she got a couple of phone calls. Needless to say, I wasn't finished by 10. When I finally got back to my daughter's house, my grandaughter, Maddie, was beside herself! Brandy said that Maddie had been ready and waiting forever--"to go off in MiMi's car!" Poor little thing, she had her head down on the arm of the couch like she had just given up on me.

We loaded up--not in MiMi's car this time, but in Brandy's minivan. Madison has a large, plush carseat on the third seat of their van, and when she sits in that seat she looks somewhat like a queen. "Queen Maddie" got in her seat and off we went to the grocery store. Now, I don't know where Maddie thought we were going, but when we turned into the parking lot of the grocery store, she let out a very loud and pitiful "Noooo!" like we were about to take her to slaughter!
I looked at Brandy and she looked at me and we laughed at the same time.

We talked to Madison a bit and she wasn't having any part of the grocery store thing. We decided that we would take her to the local dollar store and let her "shop" a little bit. Before we actually got to the dollar store, we changed our minds and headed for Wal-mart which is 20 or so miles on down the road. We decided to forget about the Wednesday specials...Wal-mart sounded like more fun! Maddie was immediatley satisfied when we kept driving.

By the time we got to the town where Wal-mart is located, it was lunchtime. We decided to eat before shopping and went to the Pizza Inn. Again, Maddie looked up and said, "Noooo!". We explained to her that we were going to eat (which she likes to do) and then go shopping. She was okay with that. Next we went on with our shopping and she was happy. We actually shopped at three different stores and she never complained--until we got back home. When we made the turn off the highway onto the dirt lane that leads to Maddie's house, she again yelled, "Noooo! Me no want to go to mama's house!" We laughed again and were impressed with how opinionated that our little Maddie is becoming. What a girl!

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