Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Night At The Fair With The Grandchildren~Part One...

Last week the fair was in nearby Statesboro. My husband and I rarely go to the fair anymore, but we decided to "tag along" and watch our grandchildren experience the fair.

I'll write about our fair experience in two parts, so I can give equal coverage to each grandchild. Today's post will be about Cade's experience.

First of all, it was interesting trying to get three different families coordinated and together at the fair. We all came separately, from several different locations. Ed, Christina, Cade, and I came from home, while Brandy, Clint, and Madison came from Madison's dance class. Brett works in Statesboro, where the fair was located, so he just met us there after work. Thanks to the modern marvel of cell phones, we were all able to find each other in the fair parking lot!
I took this photograph of Cade and his family while they were walking up to the fair gate. I thought they looked so sweet together. Cade has a ways to go before he reaches the height of his parents...
The first ride that we tried Cade on was the carousel. It was a chore to get him on the thing! He wasn't sure about it, and refused to sit on the horse at first! Finally, his mama got on the horse with him, and he sat there...then the carousel man came by and made Cade's mama get off! The ride finally started, and Cade stayed on the horse--but he looked less than thrilled about the whole thing!

One thing that Cade was thrilled about was the duck and boat ponds! You know how little boys are around water, and he is no exception! These booths were like a magnet for Cade! He won a prize--a blue guitar. He didn't especially care about the prize--he just liked playing in the water!

Unfortunately, there weren't many rides that Cade was tall enough to ride on. Fortunately, he didn't seem to care! This was one of the few rides that he was able to ride on.
Eventually, Cade stayed with E-pa and me for a while, so his parents could go and catch a couple of rides on their own. He was perfectly happy running around, climbing, and just exploring. He's easy to please.
I really enjoyed watching Cade's first fair experience. Hopefully, next year he will have grown taller, and developed more of a taste for adventure--but if not, he can always just play in the water of the duck pond!


LC said...

That pix of Caden and his mom and dad tells such a precious story. I know it made your grandmother heart sing! The carousel photo makes Caden look like he is already losing that baby boy look for a cute bigger boy look.

Don't you just love that at this age the whole world is thrilling to them. Water and floating ducks, running in an open space and testing those climbing skills to gain another view of his world--who needs a carousel!

Cindy said...

I'm glad that all of you were able to get together for the fair. Caden was probably just trying to take everything in. He'll probably be more adventurous next year. And I agree, that is a great picture of Caden, Christina and Brett. They make a beautiful family.

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