Saturday, November 13, 2010

Little Mr. Smarty Pants...

Caden came for a little visit last night. I think he had a pretty good time. Madison came over so he'd have a playmate, and together, the two of them pretty much destroyed the living room. Well, that's what grandchildren do, right?

After about two hours of intense play, I decided it was time to lower the lights and settle down a bit--maybe watch something on television. I picked up some of the toys, then walked over and flipped the light switch off.

Caden immediately began saying "No see! No see!" Finally, I realized he was fussing about the lights being lowered. I went over and turned on a different set of spotlights to brighten things up a bit, but they weren't as bright as the overhead fluorescent lights.

A few minutes later, I noticed lights and ceiling fans coming on! Caden had climbed up on the toy box, which happens to be located underneath the light switches. He didn't know which switch to flip, so he was trying them all! He wasn't happy until the lights were back on like before! I didn't even realize that he knew where the light switch was! Little Mr. Smarty Pants, indeed--and he still has a month to go before he turns two!


NanaDiana said...

It's amazing how smart they are and we don't even realize all they do know! Diana

LC said...

They absorb so much! It is scary sometimes. Your pix of Cade is good. He is such a cutie!