Monday, November 15, 2010


Saturday was my husband's birthday, and we were having a family cookout to celebrate. I always bake him a German Chocolate cake, because that's his favorite cake. Unfortunately, nobody else in the family really likes German Chocolate cake. So my daughter Brandy, and her daughter, Madison, volunteered to make some cupcakes for a second dessert.
About lunchtime on Saturday, Madison came sashaying through the front door and declared, "We've been making cupcakes!" I took one look at her--with blue frosting all around her mouth, and white frosting in her hair, and said "You don't say!" I soooo wish that I had a picture of the way she looked--but she's gotten rather camera shy lately.
Anyway, she had come over to borrow some sprinkles for their cupcakes--which she put on by herself. Later, we arranged the cupcakes into the shape of "61". Creative, huh? The cupcakes with no sprinkles were at my request--I don't like sprinkles! It's so hard to please a crowd :)
Great job on those cupcakes, girls! They were delicious!

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LC said...

Sweet. . .literally!