Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Enjoying Simple Good Times...

My father-in-law planted some pecan trees beside our dirt lane many years ago. The trees have finally gotten large enough to produce a large amount of pecans. Each year our family picks up the pecans, sells most of them, and uses the money for Christmas or to help pay the taxes on the land. It's a gift that keeps on giving. I am glad that Ed's father planted those trees--it's as if a little bit of him is still here with us.

Today Madison and I went down the lane and picked up some of those pecans. She amused herself with sticks, pecans, and various other treasures that she found on and around the lane. I watched her play and listened to her sing and talk to herself. It reminded me of old times when I was small. I could find the simplest things to amuse myself with.

After a while I took Madison back home and came to my home to rest a bit. Later I returned to the pecan trees alone. Madison must have heard me leave because later her mama caught her at the door with the pair of binoculars trying to see where I went! That was so funny! In a little while I looked down the lane and saw Madison and her mama walking toward me. Madison wanted to come and play in the lane some more! Oh the joys of childhood...enjoy it while you can, Madison.

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