Monday, March 15, 2010

Watch Those Ankles, MiMi!

Do you like my socks? I have a "thing" for funky-looking socks! These are my Winnie the Pooh socks...but wait, that is not what this post is about!

On Saturday, I was baby sitting my grandson, Caden, while his mama did some shopping. I had my laptop on my lap, and was reading through some blogs while Caden played in the living room. Then Caden decided he'd like to go exploring down my hallway...

I got up, set the laptop over to the side, and stood up. I headed across the room to follow Caden, when I quickly discovered--the hard way--that the computer cord was wrapped around my ankles. The cord stopped me dead in my tracks, which caused me to fall--face first into the living room floor! What a sight that must have been! Thankfully, nobody was around to see my "swan dive", and even more thankfully, I wasn't seriously hurt. I'm so glad I opted to get extra thick padding under the carpeting...

Now you know why the title of this post is..."Watch those ankles, MiMi"!

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Baba said...

Wow.. Kathy, you were lucky not to have broken anything.Your computer could have gotten broken..I dropped my laptop computer onto a wooden floor at my daughter's house in Atlanta and bent the power cord and it had to be replaced at a cost of 80.00 dollars...the computer was safe and did not break the screen or machine..
Have a good night. Hugs, Baba