Monday, May 24, 2010

He Got Into Trouble...She Cried

These two cousins have become pretty close lately. They really seem to enjoy their time spent together. Just this past weekend, an interesting incident happened while our family was visiting together.

The entire family had gathered at my house to eat supper and work on our plans for a family vacation. It was getting near the end of our evening together.

Both children played together, and Cade had actively explored every nook and cranny in my house. Eventually, Cade became fixated on an end table that has a pull-out shelf for drinks. He began pulling the shelf in and out, over and over--each time more forcefully than the time before. He was warned to stop... but he didn't.

At first, I walked over grabbed his hand, popped it, and told him "No". He went back to try it again...then Cade's daddy got up and swatted him on the bottom with the palm of his hand. That got Cade's attention!

That pop also got Madison's attention, too. She began to cry because Cade got a spanking! She actually cried more than he did! I don't ever recall seeing one child cry because the other one got into trouble... Children never cease to amaze me...

***Yes, I realize there are probably some people who will read this post and gasp! Yes, we do believe in giving a spanking when it's needed, and we make no apologies for it. It's worked for our families for generations-- and we have no delinquents, inmates, or mental patients among us to prove it.


Debbie said...

My youngest has always been sensitive like that. He cried if anyone got into trouble.

Vanessa Chaland said...
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maddie/cadesmimi said...

I apologize to my readers for the vile language in the comment made above this one. I can only imagine how this person stumbled upon my little blog... from the looks of her blog, probably by googling "spanking"--and not the kind used for discipline. Again, I am very sorry.

Christina's Creative Side said...

Sweet Maddie.