Saturday, December 11, 2010

Someone Celebrated A Birthday Today...

Yes, someone celebrated a birthday today...and his name is Caden! He will be two years old tomorrow. Family and friends gathered today for..."A Handy Manny Birthday Party"!

Caden was dressed in his #2 Handy Manny birthday shirt, his Handy Manny socks, and he even had a little yellow birthday hard hat, but I couldn't get him to wear it for me while I took his picture.

This was one of the few times that Caden actually broke out in a smile--when he opened this "Talking Salty" train. I think he loved it!

"MiMi" and "E-pa" gave him this giant Tonka dump truck--which he decided that he needed to ride in.

And his cousin, Landon, was happy to give him a push! Weeeee.....One funny moment was when Caden opened a gift of rain boots and a rain coat, and asked "Where's the toy?"

In the end, it took all three, Mama, Daddy, and Caden, to blow out that birthday candle! Happy birthday, little man!

By the end of the party, Caden was so tired that he layed down to play. He really liked this Thomas the Train set, too. Handy Manny and Thomas were definately the favorites at this little boy's birthday party.
I've finished Cade's video montage, and I'll post it tomorrow--in honor of his actual day of birth!


NanaDiana said...

Happy Birthday to your special little guy! What a fun day! hugs- Diana

cindy101467 said...

Looks like he had a really fun birthday party. I'm so glad. I still can't believe that he's already 2 years old. Where does the time go. Looks like the dump truck was a hit. LOL Happy Birthday Caden !!!

Mary said...

Happy birthday to Caden! It looked pretty tired there at the end!

Caty said...

happy Birthday, Caden!!

Pat Bailey said...

Where did you find the Handy Manny Ballooon?