Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch...

 Bright and early last Friday morning, Madison's school, known as "Busy Beavers Preschool," went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch at Poppell Farms.  Finding the farm was a bit challenging, and we missed a couple of turn-offs.  Eventually, we found the place, and what did we see when we got there?  Lots of pumpkins, of course!
 The next thing we saw on our guided tour were catfish--some really large, and really hungry catfish!  The fish were not shy at all about coming to the edge of the water to claim their breakfast!

As our tour of the farm continued, we saw an assortment of farm animals, including pigs, cows, rabbits, goats, chickens, and more.  I was captivated by the "fan tailed" pigeons, who resembled birds with turkey tails!  I'd never seen one before.

 I also thought "Elvis" the donkey was interesting.  I hand fed him, and wondered why in the world these folks named their donkey "Elvis".  He stood patiently beside the food dispenser waiting for the next "hand out".

 Soon we boarded a very large hayride which took us to "The Pumpkin Patch".  It was the largest hayride I'd ever seen.  There were six or seven very long trailers linked together behind a very large tractor!
We listened to some "foot stomping" music on the way to the patch, and were invited to sing along with our hostess.  Once we arrived at the patch, each of us was allowed to pick out the pumpkin of our choice to take home with us, and pose for pictures beside a fall display located in the patch.  Sometimes Charlie Brown and friends can be seen standing among the pumpkins, but there was no sign of him or his friends on Friday!

 After choosing our pumpkins,then taking a few pictures, we rode the hayride back to the farm.  The children were then allowed free time to play on several pieces of fun equipment.  This contraption was Madison's favorite.  It was an air filled floor that the children could jump on.  It was a low-to-the-ground type of trampoline made to accommodate lots of kids at once!

There were lots of scenic places to have your picture taken.  I liked this spot, among several others, and asked Madison to pose for me.  She reluctantly posed ( for about the 13th time)  while wearing her new t-shirt from the farm's gift shop!

I enjoyed going along on Madison's school field trip, and it was my first visit to a pumpkin patch--ever!  I guess it just goes to show...you're never too old!

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LC said...

Our pre-schoolers have visited pumpkin patch farms this fall, too. Fun times and evidently an example of creative entrepreneurs dealing with tight economic times.