Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Bit of This and That...

Waiting for some Thanksgiving turkey...

I've gotten so slack about posting over here that I am totally ashamed of myself.  The truth is, two blogs have just gotten to a bit more than I can deal with most days.

It's been a difficult year for me, health wise.  I haven't felt like writing or spending the time with the grandchildren that I normally do.  Life has somewhat passed me by a great deal of the time, and I feel sad about that.  Precious time is gone that can't be replaced.

With the exception of Madison's pending urinary problem, both children have been doing well, and are growing up so quickly.  Sometimes I look at old photos and can hardly believe it's the same children.  Both grandchildren are blessed with good sets of parents, who take care of all of their needs. Praise the Lord for that!

Madison is attending "Busy Beavers" preschool, while Caden and his parents are getting ready at their house for the arrival of a new baby later this month.  Only 26 days to go after today!  I haven't been to see all the changes they've made at their house yet, but I plan to visit soon.  I wanted to give Christina time to get everything in order.  If she's not ready by now, she should be!

Madison's house is all decorated for Christmas--with a grand total six trees!  I guess you could say my daughter loves Christmas as much as I do!  She has a living room full of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Tigger, and Pooh--among other things!  It looks like a child's Christmas paradise.

Caden's mom usually goes all out decorating, too, but said she was scaling back this year because of the baby's birth at Christmas time.  She knew she wouldn't feel like taking everything down afterward.

This time of the year gets a little "tricky" with the grandchildren.  While Madison's parents celebrate Christmas the traditional way, complete with a visit from "Santa"on Christmas eve, Caden's parents have chosen not to go the "Santa" route.  Caden receives Christmas gifts, but no visit from "Santa".  I respect that decision, but can't help but feel a bit sad for Caden.  Visits from "Santa" are among our family's favorite childhood memories, and Caden will never know that magic.  No letters to Santa, no milk and cookies left out, and no listening for the tapping of reindeer hoofs on the roof top...Oh to be a child again!

When asked what he wanted for Christmas the other day, Caden simply said, "A back hoe."  I laughed, and told him that we could use a good back hoe around here!  I don't know if he's getting a back hoe, but I do know he's getting a big green tractor--and I know he'll love that--no matter who gives it to him!


Anonymous said...

So sad...Santa can be so much fun. I wish he could know the fun, but like you, I have to respect his parent's wishes.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...I just thought of something. This blog isn't only going to be Madison's and Caden's anymore, but also Chase's. Then you'll have 3 grandkids to keep up with. Oh my! You better start giving yourself B12 shots. LOL :-)