Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching Up...

Lately, I'm failing miserably at keeping up with this blog!  I was able to keep it up regularly for so long, but these days I just seem to be spinning my wheels...Meanwhile, life goes on!

All three of the grandchildren are growing like weeds, especially baby Chase, who will soon turn 3 months old!  I can't believe he's almost been in this world for nearly 3 months already!  He already weighs over 12 pounds, too!

Madison is busy finishing up the final few weeks of her "Busy Beavers Preschool" classes.  She's also busy finishing up her final weeks of dance class.  Before we know it, summer break will be here!

Madison has had more than her share of illnesses since Christmas.  It's been first one thing, then another.  She was forced to skip dancing at the Rattlesnake/Wildlife Festival a couple of weekends ago, due to  an earache.  Thankfully, she's well at the moment--and I hope she stays that way!

I snapped the following photo of Madison in one of her dance costumes, on picture day.

Cade has been busy (and sick), too.  He's just getting over a nasty cough and an earache.  He's been learning how to share his mom's attention with baby Chase, and also how to be a big brother.  In between, he's been busy having lots of fun!  Not long ago, he went to the park, and  played with some of his little friends, and watched his daddy playing in a basketball tournament.  Cade said, "I didn't like the buzzer!" (at the basketball game)

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm told that Cade has planted a small "garden" at his house.  Cade's been quite interested in our garden since we first started planting it.  (On more than one occasion, Ed and I have been working in the garden, only to look up and see that little green tractor heading our way!)   Perhaps Cade will turn out to have a "green thumb"--and we can convince him to help us in our garden!


Anonymous said...

Life never slows down, does it? All three grandkids are busy growing and experiencing new things in their lives on a daily basis. Thanks for the updates.

LC said...

I thought Maddie was sprouting, but Caden and Baby Chase are too. That Chase has the cutest little face and they all are so precious. I know their Mimi totally agrees!