Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Photos Worth Sharing...

A while back I think I mentioned grandson, Caden's tractor and trailer, a Christmas gift from his parents.  I also mentioned how Cade likes to haul certain things in his trailer.  I wasn't able to catch Cade in this photo, but I was able to photograph the contents of his wagon!  I spy his sippy cup, his "key", his favorite stuffed dog, and I think I also see his box of Thomas puzzles...just a few of Cade's favorite things!

Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to attend granddaughter, Madison's egg hunt with her pre-K class.  I was also lucky enough to capture this exchange of Easter eggs between friends!  That's Madison (in the green shirt), accepting an egg from her friend, Grace...So sweet!

I had to laugh when I read grandson, Chase's, shirt the other day.  It says, "Don't look at me, that smell is from Grandpa!"   This could very well be true!  LOL

This was our first-ever attempt at getting a group photo of the grandchildren!  We never did get them all looking up at the same time, but that's okay--at least nobody was crying!  (It's hard to tell, but all three had on their John Deere shirts.)  I hope this will be the first of many memorable group photos!


LC said...

All so precious, and Caden's cargo is so endearing!

Cindy said...

Hey - that's not bad for a first group shot. I look forward to seeing many more of these. You are one lucky grandma. ♥