Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy Little Beavers...

Monday marked the end of granddaughter, Maddie's, year at "Busy Little Beavers' Christian pre-school.  Their closing program was held on Monday evening.  They used a "western" theme for their program.

I've never seen a more cute and "eager" little bunch of little "beavers" in my life!  There were twenty-two "beavers", in all, along with their three teachers.  It was an awesome group!  The enthusiasm of the students was very evident.

It was so impressive to see how much those children had learned in the short amount of time they spent at "Busy Little Beavers-"!  The three-year-old class knew all of their letters, letter sounds, and numbers up to twenty!   The four-year-old class had built on the skills learned in k-3, and actually read for us--and counted to 100--and told us how much coins are worth! These are all skills we were teaching in first grade when I worked at school!  (Oh, what has happened to our public school system???)  Last, but not least, both classes showed off many of the Bible verses they'd learned throughout the year, and they also delighted us with several songs and recitations.

At the end of the program, each student was recognized and presented with an award.  Madison received "The Humble Helper Award".  The teacher shared how Madison was always willing and eager to help her out.

The program was held in our local Methodist church, so it was a bit crowded at the front of the church..  I didn't have a particularly good seat (again), so I could only see Madison at certain times during the program.    I filmed a short clip of what I could see best, and will share the clip at the bottom of this post.  Madison's the one on the far right who says, "I don't care!" during the recitation.

Great job, Madison!  You make this MiMi very proud!


LC said...

Cute little cowgirls! I loved Madison's delivery!

Anonymous said...

What a cute bunch of kids. :-)