Monday, May 14, 2012

Madison's 2012 Dance Recital

A couple of weeks ago, our granddaughter, Madison, participated in her dance recital.  This year's recital was held in the same auditorium that Madison's mother danced in--almost thirty years ago!  What a walk down memory lane that was for me!

Not a lot has changed...The seats are now padded and more comfortable, but the old auditorium is still very crowded and it's hard to see the stage, unless you are in the first few rows of seats--which I wasn't!

The auditorium was already half-filled when we arrived--and we got there one hour early!  To get a good seat, one had to arrive two hours early--and stand in line outside for one of those two hours!  We arrived five minutes after the doors were opened, and we ended up with horrible seats--mid-way back in the auditorium!  We couldn't even see the dancer's feet because we were so far away.

I didn't spend much time taking pictures or video, but I did manage to get a clip of Madison leaving the stage after her first dance number.  We all enjoyed watching her "exit swagger"!  My video isn't the greatest, due to the distance I was from the stage, but I tried!

During the second dance number, it took me a minute or two to even figure out which child was Madison!  It was dark, and I was a million miles (it seemed like) from the stage!  I started out by filming the wrong child!  Finally, during the last part of the dance, I figured out which child was Madison, just as she moved to the front row for the second part of the dance!


NanaDiana said...

Those recitals are so cute, aren't they? We have one coming up with all three little granddaughters dancing. These are moments to treasure, aren't they? xo Diana

Anonymous said...

What a talented and grown up little lady. :-)