Monday, May 25, 2009

And then came Caden...

I'll never forget the day my son, Brett, and his wife, Christina drove into the yard and handed me a picture. It was a sonogram picture and it was framed. I looked at it, not realizing at first what it was. Then I saw that it said "what's in my tummy?" A few moments later, it finally dawned on me that I was going to be grandma! I was totally caught off guard, but totally thrilled! Ed was already in on the surprise since they'd had the sonogram done earlier that day at the hospital where he works.
I was a little apprehensive for Christina after the experience that I'd seen Brandy go through. However, Christina sailed through her pregnancy with no problems. She was sick very little and was able to work right up until the baby was due. I missed getting to share a large portion of Christina's pregnancy due to some family problems, but thankfully I was able to share in the final weeks.

Christina's only problem came at the end of her pregnancy when the baby stayed turned the wrong way. He didn't seem to want to get in the head down position. The doctor talked of doing a c-section early, but Christina wanted to hold out for a traditional birth. Finally, on December 12, it became apparent that the baby wasn't going to fully turn and he was showing signs of distress. Christina was admitted to the hospital for a c-section that same day.

I was a Ed's Christmas party at work when the call came. I wasn't expecting the call that day and of course I didn't have my cell phone on. Fortunately, Brett found me. Brandy, my daughter, and I hopped in the car and headed for the hospital. We arrived with some time to spare before the c-section. We waited with Christina's sister and mother, while Caden was being born.

Once again, God was good to us and blessed us with a healthy baby boy. The cord had been wrapped around the neck, which was causing the problems. Little Caden Wesley was born weighing just under 7 pounds and he was a cutie! The main thing that I remember about him on that day was that his feet looked just like Christina's!

I'll never forget when they rolled little Caden into the nursery. They let us go in and touch him and make pictures. I remember watching Brett stand there in the nursery looking at Caden in amazement, and then I saw Brett begin to cry. I've often wondered what he was thinking and feeling in those moments... I was witnessing my firstborn son experience his first step into fatherhood. It was a beautiful moment, one that I won't ever forget...

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